Saturday, August 17, 2013


Was there ever any real fear that another album from modern day Autopsy would be a bad one? Following a slew of vomit worthy releases from other various American Death Metal groups of old reformed over the last few years, I think that may have been a genuine concern from many a metal head prior to the bands 2011 comeback, "Macabre Eternal". The brutality and sheer brilliance of that album though certainly cemented how powerful and not dead this band still was and is for any naysayers, so much so that I think it was safe to say that nobody doubted how good their latest album, "The Headless Ritual" would be. I certainly never doubted it anyway. As it's always been, Peaceville Records is the responsible party. Black vinyl here with a gatefold sleeve.
What could I possibly say to quantify how good this is? It's messy, angry, classic Death Metal as the band has always played. The crunchy riffs, simplistic structures and Chris Reifert's demented, inaudible gurgles are largely intact, though as with the last album, his age is showing here in his slightly less hedonistic performance. I guess you can only hit some of the lows he did with earlier material for a certain amount of youth. Ten songs here, and all of them are rippers. Some short and sweet numbers and a few longer, more dirgy moments. Over forty minutes of music and all of it brutal. Cover artwork by the always impressive Joe Petagno.

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