Thursday, December 30, 2010

War Desire

This is the latest LP by Italian crust/doom hessians The Secret. "Solve Et Coagula" is the name and a fast (almost grind most of the time) approach with a doom/sludge production is the game. This comes about thanks to Southern Lord Records.
Black vinyl of some unknown number, I am largely unaware if this thing is/was available on any other colours. I'm not too fussed either, this 180g wax is good enough.
Now this is their first release with Southern Lord, but they have previous releases with other labels. I've heard these releases and they border on boring, generic metalcore ala Norma Jean and the like. With this new LP and label they've taken a much darker, heavier approach and I'm willing to bet that you can thank Kurt Ballou's production job for much of this new energy. To put it simply: I like this new album alot and I don't like the old stuff at all. Any fan of current Southern Lord banter will surely dig this too.

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