Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vomit Hounds

Divisions were from Florida and from what I can gather they broke up last year, or possibly a little before that. Over the course of the bands life, they released a few tapes and this s/t 7". Black plastic, Human Crush Records. Procured via cash purchase along with their "Fin" Cassette (of which I'll post about at a later point, epic tape) from a dude on VLV.
I've heard all kinds of weird descriptions for this band. 'Elements of black metal' seems to be one that's used alot, and I suppose it's not too far off the mark, especially with some of their other material, but to me this record just sounds like noisy, fast, crusty hardcore. They utilise D-beat, one two beat, rough, shitty guitar bits and the odd doom bit here and there. For the most part the tempo runs at a faster pace, and the recording quality is probably the best of their entire discog. To me this is most comparable to some kind of fast-core, though without the stupid gimmickry/pussy shtick. Fans of California Love and possibly early Converge probably wouldn't be disappointed, along with some of the other harder Youth Attack bands.
So as I stated, I got this and their "Fin" tape in this deal, but I'm still after their demo tape and the "Disasters In The South" tape if anyone out there would like to help me out. That would be greatly appreciated.
Hand rubber stamp on the dust sleeve. As most of you probably know, I'm always a fan of shit like this. The tape is loaded to the brim with this kind of human touch stuff.

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